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Art of Another Color

Glass Onion Studio uses kiln fusing to create distinctive stained glass art that you can use to enrich your home or office. Our studio is unique because we can offer kiln fusing in our stained glass pieces.

Kiln Fusing

Unlike the traditional approach to creating stained glass, kiln fusing is different from putting pieces of glass in a panel. This process involves melting glass which fuses form and color. Once the glass is melted, we can fuse different pieces of glass to make one exceptional piece. Some of the one-of-a-kind, functional stained glass pieces we make are:

• Bowls
• Candy Dishes
• Dishes
• Artwork

• Coasters
• Vases
• Cheese Trays out of Wine Bottles
• Much More

Stained Glass Art

When creating a stained glass piece, we start with a pattern or photo. We then cut the glass into pieces to match the pattern. Copper foil is placed between the pieces of glass, and then we solder it all together and put a frame around it. Using this method, we create many things such as stained glass boxes and stained glass panels to hang in windows. All of our pieces have a quality that will brighten any room.

Decorative Plate